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I take pride in considering myself an extension of my clients business and treat every new opportunity as if it were an interview to become their trusted advisor and serve as an integral part of safeguarding my clients business. I feel that this is the most important aspect of obtaining commercial insurance for my clients.


During my insurance career, I have worked with a wide range of industries including; construction, transportation, moving and storage, restaurants and bars, manufacturers, health/fitness clubs, technology, and a wide variety of non-profit organizations.


I graduated from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in management. In 2010, I completed my collegiate football career at Henderson State (also playing at Fresno State and Humboldt State) and used my competitive nature and business knowledge to develop a multiple award-winning business plan that I presented in different college and statewide competitions.


My passion for business developed both after the business plan competition through Henderson State University as well as my time interning with Southern Bancorp in Community Development. I have a unique desire to help others succeed within my community. 


With my background, I am more than familiar with every stage of the business planning process and I am more than familiar with setting up, running, funding, and budgeting for both an existing business or new venture. I like to consider myself in the business of risk management as a trusted advisor rather than just a Commercial Insurance Broker.


Aside from my career, I am a counselor with the non-profit organization S.C.O.R.E where I advise both potential business owners as well as existing business owners in every aspect. These sessions can include but are not limited to the planning stage all the way through the funding stage of the process. In addition, I give them an accurate idea of what they can expect to need in place in regards to insurance in order to budget accurately for their business pertaining to their specific needs. 

The Process

Guide clients through the process of purchasing insurance policies to protect both their business assets as well as their personal assets in the unfortunate event of a loss. Our goal with each and every client is to very clearly explain and describe personally, which risks they may be exposed to pertaining to their specific business operations and insurance needs.


Once these risks have been exposed, then offer coverages with the choice to eliminate the burden of retaining those risks themselves. We take pride in making sure clients fully understand what their policies cover as well as which risks they exclude.

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